Just some of the kind comments made by people who have booked an appearance by the Hangar 11 Collection during the 2015 season alone.

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New Beacon School Display, 2013

The display at New Beacon School was three years ago, but I recieved this beautiful e-mail recently which reminded me that this is why its all worthwhile.... PT

Dear Pete,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note.

This week my son Sam and his chums will be leaving New Beacon school and moving on to their respective senior schools.

I cannot tell you the number of parents, staff and boys who have mentioned to me in the last few days that the highlight of their 9 years at New Beacon was that afternoon 3 year ago when you displayed your Spitfire at the school to mark their Blitz Evacuees Day.

As your note below reminds us the conditions that day were appalling and yet you managed to thread your way through to Sevenoaks and gave us a fantastic “rolling” display under a scudding and ominously low cloud base.

Because of the weather and the tree bound location it meant that the sound and dynamism of the display was truly amazing.

Having read your FB post this week and seen first-hand your display at Old Warden in the Kitty these memories are all the more precious and poignant in that it seems highly unlikely such an event would be sanctioned today.

So from me and all at New Beacon thank you again for all your hard work, for sharing your precious charges with us and for the indelible memory.




Seething Air Display, September 2015

Hi Peter,

Thanks again for stepping in at the last minute a really good display which we all enjoyed.

Kind regards



Seething Air Display, September 2015


I’m sorry we did not get to meet at Seething yesterday but a big "thank you” from me for your great display. Along with Maurice you represented the “fast and powerful” element of our somewhat depleted line up and the crowd loved it.

I hope we will get to meet at some time in the future

Best Wishes



Shuttleworth Collection Display, September 2015

Hi Peter

Many thanks for a great display in the Kitty. Hope you had a good time at Seething.


Bob Barton MRAeS,
Flying Display Administrator


Headcorn Evening Ball, July 2015

Dear Peter,

Thanks for the fantastic display last Saturday. We really appreciate you coming to Headcorn for us.

Thanks again for the display




Rochester Display, July 2015

Hi Peter

I have sent a formal thank you letter from MAPSL via ‘snail mail’ for the lovely visit and display at Rochester last week.



Virgin Galactic Kidlington Event, May 2015

Hi Peter

I just wanted to thank you for your exceptional flyover on Friday at the Oxfordshire Future Astronaut Event  - our guests were totally bowled over to see you fly the Spitfire so  dramatically in the skies above Kidlington. It really was perfect climax to the presentations and Dave did a marvellous job explaining about the plane and your manoeuvres.

It was unfortunate that your busy schedule wouldn’t allow you to pop into the party following your flight, but you’re obviously in demand on the display circuit which is totally understandable having seen your awesome flight overhead.

Many thanks for all your hard work, input and flexibility with our timings and I look forward to working with you at some point again soon in the not too distant future and meeting you face in person.  

Kind regards

Susan Newsam
Director of Marketing Production, Virgin Galactic


RAF Northolt Display, June 2015

Hi Pete,

I just wanted to pass on my personal thanks for all your efforts to display for us at RAF Northolt.  Despite being thwarted by the terrible weather I am very conscious of your desire to display and, had it been at all possible, I know you would have done so.  If there was any way I could have got you in from the hold then I would have done; nonetheless, credit to you that you got that far!  I hope Biggin was a little more successful.  I will be in touch next time I find myself as an FDD as I look forward to working with you in the future.  All the very best for the rest of the season.

Sqn Ldr Mark Bullivant


RGM Display, May 2015

Peter always puts on a brilliant aerial display in his vintage warbirds. This year we enjoyed his Mustang and Spitfire at our 2015 VE Event, the sound of the aircrafts Merlin engines is incredible and brings a lump to throat; combine this with Peter's outstanding flying skills and you have a spectacle that delights the audience.

Lance Bourne
General Manager
Royal Gunpowder Mills


Llandudno Display , May 2015


Very many thanks again for a really lovely display today. Try to imagine the crowd suddenly falling silent to hear the note as you turn and climb, and then the murmur as the note fades. From where I was watching it looked as if you were enjoying it and it certainly seemed to flow. It may have taken a year to get you here, but worth the wait.


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